For Audi RSQ3 RSQ5 RSQ7 RSQ8 2019+ LED Racing Heated Carbon Fiber Steering Wheel with Shift Lights


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Heating Carbon Fiber LED Shift Lights Display Steering Wheel Replacement for RSQ3 RSQ5 RSQ7 RSQ8 2018+



1. Adjustable LED Shift Indicator: Includes 5 sets of LEDs on each side of the steering wheel that lights up gradually in green as the engine RPM increases. Once it reaches the user configured RPM, the indicator flashes red as an up shift reminder. LED shift indicator, adjustable from 500RPM to 9900RPM, LED shift light color, adjustable RGB color.

2. Highlight LED Display: LED steering wheel can clearly display speed, RMP, LAP, engine load, water temperature, voltage, etc., so that you can accurately read real‑time data from the display embedded in the steering wheel.

3. Dynamic Acceleration Value Reading: With shift indicator, it can display lateral and longitudinal acceleration values within a quarter mile of 0‑60 mph and one lap time, and display effective dynamic data. An ideal choice for any performance enthusiast.

4. Flat Bottom D type Racing Design: Flat bottom race‑inspired design increases leg room, provides excellent grip at any temperature and even in extreme driving situations, get a good grip on the excitement of racing.

5. Premium Material: 3K carbon fiber with 1mm thick of Epoxy coating, therefore, this lets the steering wheel have extra protection from oxidation. Have a high quality surface finish and high heat tolerance. Carbon fiber is built symmetrically and evenly with no distorted weave.

6. Easy Installation: Module connect with wireless OBD2 plug, no wiring required. Will require swapping the trim panel, wiring harness and shifting mechanisms from your existing steering wheel to the new steering wheel.




Item Type: LED Steering Wheel 

Material: Carbon Fiber 

LED Shift Lights And LCD Race Display: Yes

Steering Wheel Stitching: Blue

Steering Wheel Hand Grips: Black

Steering Wheel Shape Bottom: Flat bottom D-type Racing Design

Finger Ridges: Yes

Paddle Shifter Hole: Yes

Heated Function: Yes

Working Voltage: 12V-16V

Working Frequency: 2.4GHz
Working Current: Motherboard <40mA/display <25mA
Quiescent Current: 3mA
Sensing Distance: Approx. 10m/10.94yd

Applicable Temperature: -40℃-+85℃
Main functions (LCD Display):
1. Fuel consumption breakdown
2. Steering wheel angle perception
3. Dynamic steering transmission
4. Time record
5. Dynamic speed sensing
6. Racing mileage record
7. Engine information presentation
8. Specific information setting
9. Estimated mileage
10.  display etc.

Replacement for SQ3/RSQ3 2019+

Replacement for SQ5/RSQ5 2018+

Replacement for SQ8/RSQ8 2019+




Package List:

1 x LED Steering Wheel

1 x OBD Smart Module

1 x Wiring Harness

1 x Manual



1. Professional installation is strongly recommended;
2. If you have any questions during the installation process, please contact our after‑sales customer service in time to help you complete the installation and upgrade.

How to use:

1. Ignite and start the car;
2. Press and hold the buttons on the left and right at the same time to turn on;
3. When the LCD display shows to be matched, press and hold the button on the smart module to realize the matching connection.




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